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Items For Sale


Heli’s for sale. 2 700s nitro. 3electrics . 550,500,470. All are aligns. One 700 is Dominator with basically new is 105. Call Bill 631-655-7380

several gas engines for sale. DLE 20, 35 both NIB. DLE TWIN 60, Twin 3W 56.

Multiple glow. Contact Bill 631-655-7380


Balsa USA  Dr1 for sale. Contact Bill 631-655-7380


72"Bristol Scout. Scratch built from plans.  30 gas size. Now flies with Moki 210 glow with onboard glow driver. Call Bill 631-655-7380

For sale . Two 50 size acrobatic planes complete and flying. Receiver ready. Fuel up and go. One is a extra 300 other is a Texas hurricane

Ziroli p51 for sale. Contact Bill 631-655-7380

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